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ClusterControl Controller

ClusterControl Controller (CMON) is the core backend process that performs all automation and management procedures. It is installed as /usr/sbin/cmon. It comes with a collection of helper scripts in /usr/bin the directory (prefixed with s9s_) to complete specific tasks. However, some of the scripts have been deprecated due to the corresponding tasks are now being handled by the CMON core process.

ClusterControl Controller builds are available at Installation → Severalnines Repository. The packages are also available at the Severalnines download site. RedHat-based systems should download and install the RPM package while Debian-based systems should download and install the DEB package. The package name is formatted as:

  • RPM package (RedHat-based systems): clustercontrol-controller-{version}-{build number}-{architecture}.rpm
  • DEB package (Debian-based systems): clustercontrol-controller-{version}-{build number}-{architecture}.deb

A configuration file /etc/cmon.cnf is required to initially run a CMON Controller. It is possible to have several configuration files for multiple clusters as described in the Configuration Files.


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