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Changes in v1.1.32

June 25th, 2012

  • Notes:
    • Added load averages in the ClusterControl Web interface.
    • Removed unnecessary log messages.
    • Added new configuration parameter to cmon.cnf: enable_autorecovery=1 (default 1 == enabled, 0 means disabled – only manual recovery).
    • Galera: It is now possible to manually recover a non-Primary Galera node from the ClusterControl web interface.
    • Galera: Improved handling of cluster recovery. Pass 1: find the best node to recover from and make it the new Primary. Pass 2: Recover the remainder of the nodes from the new Primary.
  • Galera: Cleaned up redundant table galera_status_history.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed buffer overrun in query profiling and anonymizing queries (affects agents only).
    • Disable autorestart of failed agents from happening too fast.
    • Galera: Handling of existing provider_options when setting pc.bootstrap.
    • Buffer overrun in log message.
    • Backups: Fixed issue with a stale mysql connection.
    • Added error handling to process stat collection (a process could have existed when a vector of pids were assembled, but process terminated before being used)
  • RRD: Fixed ERROR: /var/lib/cmon//cluster_1_stats.rrd: expected 9 data source readings (got 1) from N.
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