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Changes in v1.2.3

July 15th, 2013

  • Clone Galera Cluster via the GUI (s9s_clone).
  • Deploy HAProxy and Keepalived with VIP via the GUI.
  • User defined dashboards in the Overview page (quickly select your favorite graphs to show).
  • New Overview page for Galera clusters.
  • MySQL Query Histogram added to the Performance page.
  • New view for DB variables and status (MySQL) added to the Performance tab. Easier to view and compare status/variables across all nodes.
  • Execute external/user made scripts (on the controller node).
  • Customizable refresh rate (DB variables and status).
  • Centralized backups.
  • Start/stop and rebuild MySQL replication slave for MySQL 5.6 .
  • Reboot host from UI.
  • Improved sampling of statistics (better resolution).
  • MongoDB
    • Replica set support.
    • Backups with mongodump.
    • Tokumx support.
    • Arbiter support (add/remove from cmd line).


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