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This page is the landing page once you are logged in. It provides a summary of database clusters monitored by ClusterControl.

Top Menu

ClusterControl’s top menu.

  • Activity
    • An aggregated view of events happened across the clusters. See Activity.
  • Deploy
  • Import
  • Global Settings
  • Logout
    • Logs out from ClusterControl and return to the login page.


Left-side navigation provides quick access to the ClusterControl administration menu. See Sidebar.

Cluster List

List of database clusters managed by ClusterControl with summarized status. Database cluster deployed by (or imported into) ClusterControl will be listed on this page. See Database Cluster List.

Cluster Actions

Provides shortcuts to main cluster functionality. Every supported database cluster has its own set of the menu:

  • MySQL’s Cluster Actions
  • MongoDB’s Cluster Actions
  • PostgreSQL’s Cluster Actions
  • TimeScaleDB’s Cluster Actions


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