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This page is the landing page once you are logged in. It provides a summary of database clusters monitored by ClusterControl.


Starting from ClusterControl 1.9.7 (September 2023), ClusterControl GUI v2 is the default frontend graphical user interface (GUI) for ClusterControl. Note that the GUI v1 is considered a feature-freeze product with no future development. All new developments will be happening on ClusterControl GUI v2. See User Guide (GUI v2).

Top Menu

ClusterControl’s top menu.

  • Filter by tags
    • Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will expand a tag filtering text field. The database cluster list will be filtered according to the tags specified here.
  • Activity
    • An aggregated view of events that happened across the clusters. See Activity.
  • Deploy
  • Import
  • Global Settings
  • Profile
    • Active user’s profile page. See Profile Settings.
    • Logs out from ClusterControl and return to the login page.


Left-side navigation provides quick access to the ClusterControl administration menu. See Sidebar.

Cluster List

List of database clusters managed by ClusterControl with summarized status. Database cluster deployed by (or imported into) ClusterControl will be listed on this page. See Database Cluster List.

Cluster Actions

Provides shortcuts to main cluster functionality. Every supported database cluster has its own set of the menu:

Profile Settings

Active user’s profile page, allowing the user to change password and the timezone. ClusterControl uses UTC for all date and time references and will be converted to the user’s selected timezone when displaying relevant information in the ClusterControl UI.


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