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Generates a compressed file (tarball) containing diagnostic information about the cluster (CMON logs, database error logs, and the contents of some important CMON database tables). This is very useful for troubleshooting purposes, especially when working with the Severalnines Support team on a support issue. Attach the generated compressed file to your support request.

To create an error report, click on the Create Error Report button. This will trigger a CMON job. Once it completes, the error report package will be listed on this page.

Field Description
  • This path to store the error report on the ClusterControl node.
Mask password
  • On – Masks all the passwords in the error report.
  • Off – Skips masking passwords.

We also recommend you take a screenshot showing the problem area, e.g, the Overview dashboard or Topology view from the GUI is useful if there are node failures, cluster issues, or missing data.

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