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ClusterControl Cloud

This optional package is introduced in ClusterControl v1.5. The package name is clustercontrol-cloud and it provides a UI extension in ClusterControl under Integrations. After adding the cloud provider credentials, you can do basic instance operations directly from ClusterControl UI like listing, starting, stopping and deleting the existing instances. See Integrations for details.

This package installs the following new files:

  • /etc/cron.d/cmon-cloud – Cron’s job to monitor cmon-cloud process.
  • /etc/rc.d/init.d/cmon-cloud – sysvinit script.
  • /etc/systemd/system/cmon-cloud.service – Systemd unit file.
  • /usr/sbin/cmon-cloud – The executable binary file.

By default, this service will use port 9518 on localhost interface. Cloud credentials are stored under /var/lib/cmon/ with permission set to root only.


ClusterControl Cloud is a reintroduction of a feature called ‘Service Providers’, available in ClusterControl 1.4 and older.

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