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Changes in v1.2.10

May 27th, 2015

  • Introducing our new powerful ClusterControl DSL (Domain Specific Language) which allows you to create Advisors, AutoTuners or mini Programs on our ClusterControl platform! (BETA).
    • JavaScript based language syntax (not 100% JavaScript compatible) with extensions to provide access to ClusterControl’s internal data structures and functions!
    • Allows you to execute SQL statements and/or run shell commands/programs across all your cluster hosts and retrieve results to be processed for advisors/alerts/actions etc.
    • SDK documentation
  • Integrated Developer’s Studio (Developer IDE)
    • Provides a simple but elegant environment to quickly create/edit, compile, run/test and schedule your JS programs.
  • ClusterControl Advisors/JS bundle for MySQL based clusters – feel free to modify and share your changes with the community!
    • A set of basic advisors with rules, alerts and actions that you can use as a base for your own customizations.
  • Import ClusterControl JS bundles from the community or our partners.
  • Export ClusterControl JS bundles for others to use/try out.
  • Galera Cluster
    • Create a Galera Cluster with up to 9 nodes for local/on-premise deployments.
    • New cluster action that shows you the most advanced (last committed) node in your cluster, simplifying manual cluster recovery.
    • Show long running and deadlocked transactions, great for performance tuning.
    • Actions that can be performed on a Node is now also available directly from the overview page.
    • New Add Node option to Add an Existing DB Node, i.e., a node that has been provisioned without ClusterControl.
  • MySQL Replication clusters using GTIDs support Failover and Slave Promotion (manual).
  • Overview page’s cluster load graph and the Nodes’s page graphs have been migrated to use the faster CMON RPC API.
  • Configuration Management uses the CMON RPC API to manage configurations.
  • General frontend optimizations for better UI performance.
  • Fixed bugs in the SSL/TLS email protocol
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