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Database Cluster List

Each row represents the summarized status of a database cluster:

Field Description
Cluster Name The cluster name, configured under ClusterControl → Settings → CMON Settings → General Settings → Name.
Tags List of created tags for the cluster.
ID The cluster identifier number.
Version Database server major version.
Database Vendor Database vendor icon.
Cluster Type

The database cluster type:

  • MYSQL_SERVER – Standalone MySQL server.
  • REPLICATION – MySQL/MariaDB Replication.
  • GALERA – MySQL Galera Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster, MariaDB Galera Cluster.
  • GROUP_REPLICATION – MySQL Group Replication.
  • MONGODB – MongoDB ReplicaSet, MongoDB Sharded Cluster, MongoDB Replicated Sharded Cluster.
  • POSTGRESQL – PostgreSQL Standalone or Replication.
Cluster Status

The cluster status:

  • ACTIVE (green) – The cluster is up and running. All cluster nodes are running normally.
  • DEGRADED (yellow) – The full set of nodes in a cluster is not available. One or more nodes is down or unreachable.
  • UNDER MAINTENANCE (blue) – The cluster is in maintenance mode. During maintenance, alarms will not be raised, but the automatic recovery still happening (if enabled).
  • FAILURE (red) – The cluster is down. All or most of the nodes are down or unreachable, resulting in the cluster fails to operate as expected.
Auto Recovery

The auto-recovery status of Galera Cluster:

  • Cluster – If set to ON, ClusterControl will perform automatic recovery if it detects cluster failure.
  • Node – If set to ON, ClusterControl will perform automatic recovery if it detects node failure.
Node Type and Status See table on node status indicators below.

Node status indicator:

Indicator Description
Green (tick) OK: Indicates the node is working fine.
Yellow (exclamation) WARNING: Indicates the node is degraded and not fully performing as expected.
Red (wrench) MAINTENANCE: Indicates that maintenance mode is on for this node.
Dark red (cross) PROBLEMATIC: Indicates the node is down or unreachable.
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