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Changes in v1.9.5

Maintenance Release: September 19th, 2022

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.9.5-5794
    • clustercontrol-1.9.5-8430
  • Controller:
    • Address an issue with MS SQL Server to improve automatic failover and prevent potential multiple primaries. The best secondary node to promote to a new primary is determined by the sync lag(CCV2-519, CCV2-464).
    • Address an issue for MaxScale where a new promoted Primary was not correctly reflected in MaxScale. The old primary was still receiving traffic (CLUS-1558).
    • Address an issue with failing QMON agent installation for PostgreSQL with existing users like a monitor user(CLUS-1547).
    • Address an issue to improve forced failover for MS SQL Server (CLUS-1560).
    • Address an issue where the SQLServerAdmin user was different when adding a new node for MS SQL Server (CCV2-501).
    • Address an issue rebuilding an MS SQL Server node where the state must be either NOT_HEALTHY or NOT_SYNCHRONIZING (CLUS-1555).
  • Frontend (UI):
    • Address an issue with backup schedules where the next scheduled time for CEST was incorrect (CLUS-1546).

Maintenance Release: September 12th, 2022

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller- 1.9.5-5779
  • Controller:
    • Address an issue for MaxScale where dynamic changes to/var/lib/maxscale/maxscale.cnf.d files didn’t have any effect (CLUS-1538).
    • Address an issue with removing/uninstalling ProxySQL nodes (CLUS-1544).
    • Address an issue installing Garbd and Keepalived with yum (CLUS-5344).

Initial Release: August 31st, 2022

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.9.5-8416
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.9.5-5742
    • clustercontrol-ssh-1.9.5-129
    • clustercontrol-cloud-1.9.5-355
    • clustercontrol-notifications-1.9.5-326

In this release, we added support for a new Linux distribution.

Use OpenSUSE 15/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 with ClusterControl.

OpenSUSE is an open-source community project with Linux-based distributions sponsored by SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH and other companies.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) receives more intense testing than the upstream OpenSUSE community distro, intending that only mature, stable versions of packages will make it through to SLES.


OpenSUSE 15/SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

  • Support for:
    • MariaDB Server v10.x with mariabackup (Xtrabackup is not available)
    • MariaDB Galera Cluster v10.x with mariabackup (Xtrabackup is not available)
    • PostgreSQL v10+
    • MySQL NDB Cluster
    • HAProxy on OpenSUSE only
  • Current limitations:
    • ProxySQL is currently not supported
    • HAProxy is currently only supported on OpenSUSE
    • Co-located PostgreSQL nodes is not supported
    • TimescaleDB is not supported on OpenSUSE/SLES
    • Oracle MySQL Replication is not supported
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