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Software Dependencies

The following software and packages are required by ClusterControl:

  • MySQL server (5.1 or later, preferably 5.5 or later. MySQL 8.0 is not supported yet)
  • MySQL client
  • Apache webserver (2.2 or later)
    • mod_rewrite
    • mod_ssl
    • Allow .htaccess override
  • PHP (5.5 or later)
    • RHEL: php, php-mysqlor php-mysqlnd, php-gd, php-ldap, php-curl
    • Debian: php5-common, php5-mysql, php5-gd, php5-ldap, php5-curl, php5-json
  • Linux Kernel Security (SElinux or AppArmor) – must be disabled or set to permissive mode
  • OpenSSH server/client
  • BASH (recommended: version 4 or later)
  • NTP server – All servers’ time must be synced under one time zone
  • socat or netcat – for streaming backups

If ClusterControl is installed via installation script (install-cc) or package manager (yum/apt/dnf), all dependencies will be automatically satisfied.

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