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Shows aggregated view of jobs that have been initiated and performed in a cluster by ClusterControl (e.g., promote replica, enable read-only, create/restore a backup, etc). Each job entry has a job title, job status, cluster name, the user who started the job, timestamp, and duration.

Rollover on the Cluster entry will pop up a cluster information card summarizing the cluster status. Rollover on the When entry will pop up a tooltip containing the exact timestamp with timezone.

Click on the Actions → Details to see the job specification and messages. Inside the Job details popup, you have the ability to see the full job definition sent to the controller service for that particular job by clicking on the jobSpecs under the job’s name. Underneath it is the full job messages in descending order (newer first) returned by the controller service. The Copy to clipboard button will copy the content of the job messages to the clipboard. The job messages are commonly the first thing to look for when troubleshooting an issue that is happening to a cluster. It is highly recommended to include the job messages when opening a support request from us.


Starting from v1.6.0, ClusterControl has better support for parallelism, where you can perform multiple deployments simultaneously.

The job status:

Job status Description
FINISHED The job is successfully executed.
FAILED The job is executed but failed.
RUNNING The job is started and in progress.
ABORTED The job has started but is terminated.
DEFINED The job is defined but has yet to start.
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