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ClusterControl Client SDK

ClusterControl has a HTTPS based ‘RPC’ API that provides complete access and control of the CMON Controller which is its workflow engine. The CMON API documentation is readily available here.

Using the CMON RPCv2 API directly though requires that clients are passing JSON documents of jobs specs to be executed. Creating these CMON JSON job specs are straightforward however cumbersome given its text based nature where correct syntax and manual validations is needed in order for the jobs to be executed.

A more user (developer) friendly way of using the CMON RPCv2 API is to use the OpenAPI specification to document and generate API client libraries for various system languages. The OpenAPI documentation is machine readable and makes it easy formally describe an API and also use tools such as the openapi-generator to generate client libraries.

You can use your favourite programming language such as Go or Python to create applications which integrates with ClusterControl to manage and monitor your databases.


To learn more, refer to the ClusterControl API (v2) SDK GitHub repository.

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