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Changes in v1.2.1

May 2nd, 2013

  • Added support for MongoDB backup.
  • New database growth graph.
  • MySQL status time machine table (show status value differences over time).
  • Deploy Galera cluster on AWS (only on a single AZ). Great for test/dev.
  • Moved settings (Configurations, Hosts, Processes, Software Packages, Upgrade, Schema graphs) views to new Manage tab.
  • Fixed bugs in add node.
  • Centralized backup, store backup data on controller by using s9s_backupc.
  • Replication 5.6 aware (GTID).
  • s9s_backup was changed, upgrade of s9s_backup on all nodes is required.
  • Email bug for SMTP notifications.
  • Recovery improvements in Galera (refuse to recover cluster if a majority of the nodes cannot be reached), and recovery will be retried for a much long period of time (to avoid Galera node recovery blocked messages).
  • s9s-admin tools (on controller do: git clone git://github.com/severalnines/s9s-admin.git ) for more details.
  • Check /usr/lib64/ for libgalera_smm.so.
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