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User Guide (GUI)

ClusterControl provides two user interfaces to interact with the ClusterControl Controller (CMON) service:

  1. ClusterControl GUI – Web application
  2. ClusterControl CLI – Command-line client called s9s

Not all functionalities are available on both user interfaces. For instance, there is no practicality for the command-line client (ClusterControl CLI) to have all the advanced monitoring features offered by the web application client (ClusterControl UI). The command-line client is focused on automation and adoption in management, deployment and scaling operations while the web UI client, focuses more on structural visualization with a guided approach. Occasionally, new management features will be introduced in the CLI before being incorporated into ClusterControl UI to turn it into a polished, finalized feature.

Starting from ClusterControl 1.4.2, installation using the installer script will include ClusterControl CLI installation as well. You can verify this by running the following commands on the ClusterControl server after the installation process completes:

$ s9s --version | grep Version
s9s Version 1.7.6

$ s9s cluster --ping
PING Ok 11 ms


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