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Changes in v1.6.2

Maintenance Release: September 14th, 2018

  • Build
    • clustercontrol-1.6.2-5148
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.6.2-2769
  • Controller:
    • Backup (MariaDB Backup): Use mbstream instead of xbstream. This removes the dependency to the Percona Xtrabackup package.
    • Advisors (MySQL): Improved TimeZone advisor to check if the timezones on the MySQL servers are aligned. This fixes an issue with e.g CET and CEST timezone which is from MySQL’s perspective treated the same.
    • Backup (Verify Backup): Fixed an issue regarding connectivity. Now the Verify Backup does not rely on the MySQL system database tables from cluster DB node to perform the verification. This removes the need for a port (9999 by default) to be opened between the cluster node(s) and the backup verification server.
    • Job handling: Improved parallelism.
  • UI:
    • MaxScale: Fixed an issue in password validation
    • ACLs: Fixed a number of issues in ACL handling.

Maintenance Release: August 27th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.6.2-2726
  • Controller:
    • ProxySQL: Fixed an issue with Sync Instance preventing query rules to become active on the target instance.
    • Backup (MariaDB Backup): Fixed an issue where the incorrect encryption options were passed to Maria Backup.
    • Backup (Percona XtraBackup/MariaDB Backup): Fixed the order so that backups are first compressed and then encrypted resulting in smaller backup sizes.
    • Galera: Fixed a bug in ‘Clone Cluster’ which ignored the ‘sudo’ password (if set) leading to failed cloning.

 Maintenance Release: August 21st, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.6.2-5025
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.6.2-2718
  • UI:
    • Fix broken Resync Node from backup (MySQL Galera).
    • Misc ACL privileges fix to Deployments, Activity Viewer, Left Side Navigation, and a default user.
    • Correctly handle empty responses on the User Management page.
  • Controller:
    • Backup: Fixed an issue with parallel backups when executed on the controller.
    • Backup: A fix to recreate the backup user with the proper privileges.
    • ProxySQL: Fixed an issue with broken stats (e.,g the ‘Questions’ was not properly accounted for).
    • ProxySQL: Fixed an issue with version detection (added fallbacks).
    • PostgreSQL: Added support for creating user entries with masks other than /32 via s9s cli.
    • PostgreSQL: Fixed an issue with connection errors from HAProxy to PostgreSQL with IPv6.
    • Replication: Failover scripts did not get executed.
    • MongoDb: Updated the repo key.

Maintenance Release: July 23rd, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.6.2-4959
  • UI:
    • Fix copy and paste in the Query Monitor (PostgreSQL).
    • Show trimmed query in full for Query Monitor (PostgreSQL).
    • Fix dialog labels for AppArmor/SELinux.
    • Partial backup warning only for xtrabackup/mariadbbackup.
    • Security page is currently only for MySQL/PostgreSQL and fixes for use existing certificates

Initial Release: July 16th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.6.2-4942
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.6.2-2662
    • clustercontrol-cmonapi-1.6.2-330
    • clustercontrol-cloud-1.6.2-141
    • clustercontrol-ssh-1.6.2-59
    • clustercontrol-notifications-1.6.2-136

Welcome to our new 1.6.2 release!

Feature Details

  • Backup:
    • Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) for PostgreSQL.
    • Rebuild a node from a backup with MySQL Galera clusters to avoid SST.
    • Option to restore external backups stored on a DB node (instead of only the Controller host).
  • MySQL/Galera:
    • Rebuild a Galera node from a backup to avoid SST.
  • Security:
    • Consolidate security functionality on an easily accessible single page.
    • Enable/Disable:
      • Client/Server SSL encryption for MySQL based clusters.
      • SSL replication traffic encryption for MySQL Galera based clusters.
  • ProxySQL:
    • Clear/Reset Top Queries.
    • Advanced query rules options: Error and OK messages, sticky connection, and multiplex.
    • Autofill match digest for a query rule.
  • Cloud:
    • Destructive actions now cleanup used cloud resources (accounting).
  • Misc:
    • ClusterControl (CMON) Runtime Configuration page.
    • Support for MongoDB v3.6.
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