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Database performance monitoring and advisors.

DB Variables

DB Variables provide a quick overview of PostgreSQL variables that are set across all your database nodes. You can use the Search text field to filter the result.


Red text means that the variable setting is different. In some cases that is acceptable (e.g., IP address of the node).


Lists of scheduled Advisors created in Developer Studio using ClusterControl DSL.

Field Description
Expand all
  • Expands all advisors with detailed.
Collapse all
  • Lists the advisors summary.
Filter by status
  • Shows advisors based on status – Ok, Warning, Critical.
DB Instance
  • The database server the advisor running on.
  • Advisor status – Ok, Warning, Critical.
  • The advisor’s decision based on the justification.
  • The result of advisors’ execution.

DB Growth

Provides a summary of your database and table growth on a daily basis so you can track the dataset growth on your databases. Click on the listed database will further detail the growth summary per table in the bottom section. Click on “Refresh Data” to trigger a job to re-calculate the database size.

Schema Analyzer

Analyzes database tables for missing primary keys and redundant indexes. ClusterControl will periodically check the schemas for these (default every 8 hours or every after CMON restart), and raise an alarm if necessary.


Starting from ClusterControl 1.9.7 (September 2023), ClusterControl GUI v2 is the default frontend graphical user interface (GUI) for ClusterControl. Note that the GUI v1 is considered a feature-freeze product with no future development. All new developments will be happening on ClusterControl GUI v2. See User Guide (GUI v2).

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