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ClusterControl introduces a new license format on v1.7.1 (the new license key format contains only a long-encrypted string). If you are having the older format, contact the account manager, or email our sales department at [email protected] to get a new license.

For users with a valid subscription (Advanced and Enterprise), enter your license key here to unlock additional features based on the subscription. The license string contains information about the license type, company/affiliation, email, expiration date, and a total number of licensed nodes.

The following example is the license information that one would get from us:

Email: [email protected]
Company: Severalnines AB
Expiration Date: 2019-04-23
Licensed Nodes: 1
License Key: ewogICAgImNvbXBhbnkiOiAiU2V2ZXJhbG5pbmPkIEFCIiwKICAgICJlbWFpbF9hZGRyZXNzIjog

Only paste the license key string (starting after the “License Key: ” part) into the license text field. Once applied, restart the CMON service to load the new license information:

$ systemctl restart cmon # systemd
$ service cmon restart # SysVinit

When the license expires, ClusterControl defaults back to the Community Edition. For features comparison, please refer to the ClusterControl product page.

If you would like to force the existing enterprise edition to community edition (commonly to test out and compare different editions during trial), you can truncate the license table on the ClusterControl host manually. On ClusterControl server, run:

$ mysql -uroot -p cmon -e "TRUNCATE TABLE cmon.license"
$ systemctl restart cmon

Once a trial license is truncated and cmon is restarted, there is no way you can re-activate the same trial license anymore.

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