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Deploy a Database Cluster

Opens a step-by-step modal dialog to deploy a new set of a database cluster. The following database cluster types are supported:

  • MySQL/MariaDB Replication
  • Galera Cluster
    • Percona XtraDB Cluster
    • MariaDB Cluster
  • MySQL Cluster (NDB)
  • TimescaleDB (standalone or streaming replication)
  • PostgreSQL (standalone or streaming replication)
  • MongoDB ReplicaSet
  • MongoDB Sharded Cluster

There are prerequisites that need to be fulfilled prior to the deployment:

  • Passwordless SSH is configured from the ClusterControl node to all database nodes. See Passwordless SSH.
  • Verify that sudo is working properly if you are using a non-root user. See Operating System User.

ClusterControl will trigger a deployment job and the progress can be monitored under ClusterControl → Activity → Jobs.


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