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Changes in v1.1.33

August 1st, 2012

  • Notes:
    • Controller: Added alarms for Replication, in case a MySQL Server crashes.
    • Controller: Alarms for Galera, in case a MySQL Server crashes.
    • Controller: Removed redundant messages and newlines from log messages.
    • Controller: Persisting db|host_stats_collection interval to cmon db.
    • Query Monitor: log_queries_not_using_indexes now settable from the Web Interface.
    • Query Monitor: Set long query time via Web interface. Setting upper bound (1MB) on query size to be parsed.
    • Query Monitor: Possibility to override CMON settings in favor for local my.cnf settings.
    • WWW + Controller: Reworked Configuration Management + web interface.
    • WWW + Controller: Last mysql error now saved in mysql_server table.
    • RRD: Optimized rrd graph creation, optimized galera stats collection to reduce db writes.
    • WWW: Added ‘clear all jobs’ button.
    • MySQL Cluster: Display an error in the Web UI if an SQL Node is not connected to the cluster.
    • Galera: Improvements in availability handling, in case createPrimary fails.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Replication: serverid + autoincrement sedding fixed.
    • Replication: Fixed MaxConnection bug in Replication.
    • MySQL Cluster: Fixed Index/DataMemory collection problem if MemoryReportFrequency is not set.
    • MySQL Cluster: Fixed bug in MGM status info, preventing rolling restarts.
    • MySQL Cluster: Fixed bug in stop node (SQL/Data node).
    • Galera: Make node statistics less jumpy during restarts/recovery.
    • Controller: Clear MySQL replication links when a MySQL Server is removed from the cluster.
    • Controller: fixed bug causing multiple email messages to be sent in case of an alarm.
    • Controller: Fixed ProcessList bug if pidfile already had a path to prevent concatenation with datadir.
    • Controller: Added printout to error log if a pidfile could not be opened by the Process Manager.
    • Controller: Prevent autorestart of failed agents from happening too fast.
    • Backup: Fixes in length of file issue (backup file size was 0 sometimes).
  • Upgrade Instructions:
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