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Clicking on it will expand the activity tab which consists of global Alarms, Jobs, CMON logs, and Audit logs. Click once more to collapse the content. If you rolled over the menu icon, you would see a summary counter for every component.


Shows an aggregated view of alarms raised for all clusters monitored by ClusterControl. Each alarm entry has a header, details on the issue, severity level, category, corresponding cluster name, corresponding host and timestamp. All the alarms listed here are also accessible directly under the individual cluster main menu available at Alarms → Alarms.

Click on the alarm entry itself to see the full details and recommendations. Furthermore, you can click on the Full Alarm Details to see the full information, and recommendations and to send out this alarm as an email to the recipients configured under Sidebar → Email Notifications. Click Ignore Alarm to silent the respective alarm from appearing in the list again.


Shows aggregated view of jobs that have been initiated and performed by ClusterControl across clusters (e.g., deploying a new cluster, adding an existing cluster, cloning, creating a backup, etc). Each job entry has a job status and a cluster name, which the user started the job and timestamp. All the jobs listed here are also accessible directly under the individual cluster main menu available at Logs → Jobs.

Click on the job entry itself to see its most recent job messages. Furthermore, you can click on the Full Job Details to see the full job specifications and messages. Under the Full Job Details popup, you can see the full command sent to the controller service for that particular job by clicking on the Expand Job Specs button. Underneath it are the full job messages in descending order (newer first) returned by the controller service. The Copy to clipboard button will copy the content of the job messages to the clipboard.



Starting from v1.6, ClusterControl has better support for parallelism, where you can perform multiple deployments simultaneously.

The job status:

Job status Description
FINISHED The job is successfully executed.
FAILED The job is executed but failed.
RUNNING The job is started and in progress.
ABORTED The job has started but terminated.
DEFINED The job is defined but yet to start.


Shows aggregated view of ClusterControl logs across clusters. Each log entry has a message subject, severity level, component, the corresponding cluster name, and timestamp.

Audit Logs

Shows records of the following events and changes:

  • User authentication, cloud credentials, database configuration, and users changes
  • CMON configuration changes and jobs
  • CC user management changes (Users and ACLs), operational report

Each log entry has the activity, type of activity, user, hostname, the corresponding cluster name, and timestamp.



Starting from ClusterControl 1.9.7 (September 2023), ClusterControl GUI v2 is the default frontend graphical user interface (GUI) for ClusterControl. Note that the GUI v1 is considered a feature-freeze product with no future development. All new developments will be happening on ClusterControl GUI v2. See User Guide (GUI v2).

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