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Changes in v1.7.0

Maintenance Release: December 21st, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2962
  • Controller:
    • Bugfix for SSH connection negotiation failure on compression methods.
    • Added support for MaxScale 2.3
    • Exporters: New process_exporter version (0.10.10).
    • Error Reporting: s9s_error_reporter -i0 collects all config files under /etc/cmon.d/.

 Maintenance Release: December 12th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5548
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2939
  • Frontend (UI):
    • Keepalived: Fixed an issue where it was listed as a ‘master’ in the Cluster Node bar.
    • Fixed an issue when the replication slaves of a Galera cluster was not shown under Show Server
    • Config Mgmt: Removed the Configuration →template item as it is deprecated in its current form.
  • Controller:
    • Error Report: Fixed an issue where passwords were not masked.
    • Deploy MongoDB: Fixed signing keys issues for APT/YUM repos.

Maintenance Release: December 10th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2930
  • Controller:
    • HAProxy: A fix to remove /dev/shm/proxyoff file when promoting a slave or rebuilding a slave.

Maintenance Release: December 7th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2928
  • Controller:
    • PostgreSQL: Double-check if the slave has properly configured the trigger_file option in recovery.conf.
    • Fixed and issue with wrong owner of the stagingDir (~/s9s_tmp).
    • Updated a mongodb.org repo key (replaced the key Richard Kreuter <[email protected]>, with MongoDB 3.4
    • Release Signing Key <[email protected]>
      ProxySQL: properly handling # when handling the monitor and admin users’ passwords.

Maintenance Release: November 27th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5455
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2904
  • Frontend (UI):
    • PHP Sessions fix for PHP v5.3 and earlier: Added the possibility to fall back to previous file-based session handling. If you experience UI issue please set define('SESSIONS_FALLBACK', true); in /var/www/html/clustercontrol/bootstrap.php and reload the page.
    • Backup: Fixed an issue with cron schedule validation in Scheduled Backups.
    • Dashboards: Minor optimizations and re-organization of some dashboards.
  • Controller:
    • Galera: Clone cluster did not handle a default datadir and wsrep_cluster_name for cloning.
    • Backup: Backup dir starting with /sys can’t be removed, fixed a security check.
    • Error Reporting: skip GRA* files from the error report.
    • Operational Reports: system report: Customizable graphs interval (in days unit).
    • Operational Reports: changed title from ‘Daily System Report’ to ‘System Report’.
    • Fixed a bug escaping passwords.

Maintenance Release: November 13th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5375
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2876
  • Frontend(UI):
    • Fixed an issue with PHP session management on PHP 5.3 and earlier. This manifested itself as e.g the Node page was
    • loading forever, no data in the UI and Internal Error.
  • Controller:
    • Backup [mariabackup/xtrabackup]: Clean up qpress archives after restoring a xtrabackup|mariabackup compressed backup
    • Verify Backup [mariabackup/xtrabackup]: Fixed a regression where the wrong restore method was selected.

Maintenance Release: October 30th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2859
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5319
    • clustercontrol-cloud-1.7.0-154
    • clustercontrol-notifications-1.7.0-153
    • clustercontrol-ssh-1.7.0-66
  • Frontend (UI):
    • Keepalived: Added a fix to show the role, i.e which keepalived node that has the VIP assigned.
    • Deploy: Added . (dot), (space) and / (backslash) as allowed symbols for the password field.
    • ProxySQL: corrected use of proxysql match digest/pattern fields.
    • General: Improved session handling.
    • SSE (Server Side Events): Improvements to show notifications.
    • OS service files fix to handle non-English locales for cmon-cloud, cmon-events, and cmon-ssh.
  • Controller:
    • Deploy/Import Cluster: Fixed an issue to allow \ (backslash) in the admin user password (mysql root password).
    • Backup: Restore backup on a Galera cluster (mariabackup/xtrabackup) to a single node shuts down whole cluster even if a bootstrap cluster was disabled.
    • Backup: mariabackup qpress support.
    • Backup: Increased the size of the backup record (TEXT → MEDIUMTEXT).
    • Backup: Fail early if an attempt is made to take an xtrabackup on a MariaDB 10.3 server, and warn if xtrabackup is attempted on the MariaDB 10.2 series. Using mariabackup on 10.2 and 10.3 is recommended.
    • Backup: Verification now supports --use-memory option.
    • Deploy MariaDB 10.3: Fix buggy galera_new_cluster (https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-17379).
    • Galera: Fixed an issue with rebuilding the node from the backup.
    • Galera/Replication: Fixed an issue preventing a node from being rebuilt if the only mariabackup was available on the node. Also improved error messages.
    • Keepalived: Added information on which node has the VIP assigned.

Maintenance Release: October 19th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5281
  • Frontend (UI):
    • Add Node with ‘Rebuild from Backup’: Fix wrong backup id parameter in the job spec.
    • Add Node: Moved rebuild backup dropdown.
    • Mail server configuration: Fix invalid port length.
    • Rebuild from backup: Fix to only show successful backups in the dropdown.
    • Removed xtrabackup option from MariaDB v10.3 clusters since it’s no longer working with v10.3.

Maintenance Release: October 16th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2832
  • Controller:
    • MariaDB: Fixed an issue with rebuild replication slave to support MariaDB Backup.
    • Configuration Management: Fixed an issue preventing assigning decimal values to a database variable.

Maintenance Release: October 10th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5259
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2825
  • Frontend:
    • SSE (Server Side Events): Fixed when a toaster was shown prompting configuration suggestions when a security token is invalid.
    • Advisors: Fixed an issue with importing of advisors and the overwrite flag was not respected.
    • Cloud: Fixed an issue with subnets and AZs
    • Backup: Added ‘MySQL Db Only’ as a dump type for mysqldump. This creates a dump of only the mysql database.
  • Controller:
    • General: Fixed an issue to chown a dir only if ClusterControl created it.
    • Advisors: A fix to properly handle multiple partitions in s9s/host/disk_space_usage.js.
    • MongoDb: Fixed an issue where a stepDown was attempted on a shard router (mongos), and the restart node job failed.
    • Prometheus: Fail to install if a running Prometheus server is detected.
    • Prometheus: Updates to queries and optimizations.
    • Postgres: Fixed an issue when deploying 9.2.
    • Galera: Fixed a bug where the desync node did not work when using MariaDb Backup.
    • MySQL Replication: Fixed a bug when the node got the wrong node status after a restart.

Maintenance Release: September 26th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5224
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2798
  • UI:
    • Nodes Page: Fixed a regression with the node charts where the last four graphs had “no data points”.
    • User Management: Fixed a navigational issue making the Clusters list show up as empty.
    • Events (Server Side): Fixed a configuration issue regarding CMON events notifications, which could lead to a ‘Enable Events’ dialog showing up too frequently.
  • Controller:
    • Operational Reports: Fixed an issue where the cluster type in the operational reports was missing
    • Operational Reports: Fixed an issue where the creation of operational reports could deadlock.
    • Deploy (MySQL based setups): Fixed a deployment issue where a sanity check failed to determine if percona-
    • xtrabackup was successfully installed.
    • MongoDb: Fixed an issue with configuration file handling when mongos and mongod’s are colocated.
    • Prometheus: A couple of minor optimizations to queries (improved filtering of disk device/fs)
    • ProxySQL: Fixed an installation issue on LXD containers.

Initial Release: September 24th, 2018

  • Build:
    • clustercontrol-1.7.0-5208
    • clustercontrol-controller-1.7.0-2792
    • clustercontrol-cmonapi-1.7.0-333
    • clustercontrol-cloud-1.7.0-147
    • clustercontrol-ssh-1.7.0-62
    • clustercontrol-notifications-1.7.0-139

In this release we are introducing support for agent-based monitoring with Prometheus (open-source systems monitoring and alerting system). Enable your cluster to use Prometheus exporters to collect metrics on your nodes and hosts. Avoid excessive SSH activity for monitoring and metrics collections and use SSH connectivity only for management operations.

You can use a set of new dashboards that uses Prometheus as the data source and gives access to its flexible query language and multi-dimensional data model with time series data identified by metric name and key/value pairs. In future releases, we will be adding more features such as allowing you to create and import your own dashboards.

We have also a new security feature to enable Audit Logging for MySQL based clusters. Enable policy-based monitoring and logging of connection and query activity executed on your MySQL servers.

Finally we have added support to easily scale out your cloud-deployed clusters by automating the cloud instance creation for the new DB node.

Feature Details

  • Agent-Based Monitoring:
    • Install a Prometheus v2.3.x server on a specified host.
    • Install/enable Prometheus exporters on your nodes and hosts with MySQL and PostgreSQL based clusters.
    • Supported Exporters:
      • Node/machine metrics.
      • Process – /proc metrics.
      • MySQL server metrics.
      • PostgreSQL metricsProxySQL metrics.
  • New dashboards:
    • Cross-Server Graphs.
    • System Overview.
    • MySQL Overview.
    • MySQL Replication.
    • MySQL Performance Schema.
    • MySQL InnoDB Metrics.
    • Galera Cluster Overview.
    • Galera Graphs.
    • PostgreSQL Overview.
    • ProxySQL Overview.
  • Security:
    • Enable/disable Audit Logging on your MySQL based clusters. Enable policy-based monitoring and logging of connection and query activity.
  • Cloud:
    • Cloud Scaling. Automatically launch cloud instances and add nodes to your cloud-deployed clusters.
  • Misc:
    • Support for MariaDB v10.3.
    • New ‘demote master to slave’ action for MySQL replication clusters.
    • Customize the timezone for dates and times shown across the application.
    • UI toasters/notifications for CMON events and alarms. Enables Server Sent events to be sent to the web application for a more dynamic updated user interface.
    • Improved workflow to enable PITR for PostgreSQL.
    • Added performance graphs for ProxySQL hosts
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