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This troubleshooting guide provides detailed information on how to troubleshoot ClusterControl and all of its components namely controller, CMON database, GUI, notifications, cloud and web-based SSH. The document provides instructions on what data to collect when creating error reports to be submitted to the Severalnines Support portal.

Note that this troubleshooting guide only covers the latest version of ClusterControl. We highly advise you to upgrade to the latest version before troubleshooting any kind of issues related to ClusterControl due to the following reasons:

  • ClusterControl has a short release cycle if compared to other software applications (new major release every quarter of the year).
  • We usually release a new maintenance patch every Friday (if there is). See Changelogs.
  • ClusterControl has to keep up with all the latest changes and modifications introduced by supported database and application vendors.
  • Some of the issues you encountered probably have been fixed in the latest weekly maintenance or latest major release.

To upgrade ClusterControl to the latest version, see Upgrading ClusterControl.


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