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This documentation covers ClusterControl version 1.9.4 which was released on July 18th, 2022. This release contains key new features along with performance improvements and bug fixes. The release changelog is available at Changelogs.

ClusterControl is an agentless management and automation software for database clusters. It helps deploy, monitor, manage and scale your database server/cluster directly from the ClusterControl user interface.

ClusterControl consists of a number of components:

Component Package Name Role
ClusterControl Controller (cmon) clustercontrol-controller The brain of ClusterControl. A backend service performing automation, management, monitoring and scheduling tasks. All the collected data will be stored directly inside the CMON database.
ClusterControl GUI clustercontrol A modern web user interface to visualize and manage the cluster. It interacts with the CMON controller via a remote procedure call (RPC).
ClusterControl SSH clustercontrol-ssh Optional package introduced in ClusterControl 1.4.2 for ClusterControl’s web SSH console. Only works with Apache 2.4+.
ClusterControl Notifications clustercontrol-notifications Optional package introduced in ClusterControl 1.4.2 providing a service and user interface for notification services and integration with third-party tools.
ClusterControl Cloud clustercontrol-cloud Optional package introduced in ClusterControl 1.5.0 providing service and user interface for integration with cloud providers.
ClusterControl Cloud File Manager clustercontrol-clud Optional package introduced in ClusterControl 1.5.0 providing a command-line interface to interact with storage objects on the cloud.
ClusterControl CLI s9s-tools An open-source command-line tool to manage and monitor clusters provisioned by ClusterControl.

To learn more about ClusterControl and its components, see Components.


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