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User Guide (GUI v2)

We are transitioning the ClusterControl GUI to a new web framework called ClusterControl v2, or ClusterControl GUI v2 and it is accessible via https://{ClusterControl_host}:9443/. This new completely rewritten web application will continue to improve the user experience and ease of use that our users are accustomed to. It will take some time in order to become feature-complete compared with the current released version of ClusterControl GUI, and once it is ready, it shall replace the ClusterControl GUI (v1) as the primary graphical user interface for all database clusters. Both GUIs communicate to the same controller process (CMON) via the RPC interface. The documentation section is meant to be for this version.\

Starting from ClusterControl 1.9.5, both ClusterControl GUI (v1) and ClusterControl GUI v2 are available in tandem if one installed it via the installer script. For the previous versions, however, additional steps are required to install and enable ClusterControl GUI v2 (see this page for details). All new database management systems that we are going to support will be developed only in the ClusterControl GUI v2. For instance, we introduced support for Redis Sentinel on 1.9.0, Microsoft SQL Server on 1.9.1, Elasticsearch on 1.9.3, and these database systems can only be managed from the ClusterControl GUI v2 (as well as ClusterControl CLI). In terms of new management features (backup, restore, failover, configuration) for existing clusters, nearly all of those features will be available on both GUIs.


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