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System Settings

Provides an interface to manage settings on:

  • Backup
  • Cluster
  • CmonDB
  • Controller
  • Long Query
  • Replication
  • Retention
  • Sampling
  • Swapping
  • System
  • Threshold

With each parameter setting, there is a description column of what it configures in the cluster.


CmonDB and Controller sections contain read-only settings that can’t be changed during runtime. To change these settings, please check /etc/cmon.d/cmon_X.cnf file, where X is the cluster ID. This might require a CMON restart.

Email Notifications

Configures email notifications for alarms generated for the corresponding database cluster. Each recipient (chosen from a user group) must be enabled before you can configure the delivery settings. You can add an external email address (a user that does not exist in ClusterControl) by clicking on Add an external email, however, you may need to configure the external user group to have at least read permission to the cluster.

Field Description
User group
  • Choose a group to which the user belongs. From this group, ClusterControl will then list out the email address of the potential recipient in the Users in the selected group dropdown.
Users in the selected group
  • Recipient email address based on the selected User group.
Digest delivery time
  • Send a digested (summary) email at this time every day to the selected recipient. The timezone will follow the user’s timezone and can be configured under the User profile setting.
Daily email limit
  • The maximum number of non-digest email notifications should be sent per day to the selected recipient.

The following table shows the event category that you can forward to a specific recipient:

Event Description
Network related logs Network-related messages, e.g. host unreachable, SSH issues.
Cmon database logs Internal CMON database-related messages.
Mail logs Mail system-related messages.
Cluster logs Cluster-related messages, e.g. cluster failed.
Cluster configuration logs Cluster configuration messages, e.g. software configuration messages.
Recovery logs Recovery messages like cluster or node recovery failures.
Node related logs Message related to nodes, e.g. node disconnected, missing GRANT, failed to start HAProxy, failed to start NDB cluster nodes.
Host logs Host-related messages, e.g. CPU/disk/RAM/swap alarms.
Health logs Database health-related messages, e.g. memory usage of MySQL servers, connections.
Database performance Alarms for long-running transactions and deadlocks
Installation logs Software installation-related messages.
Backup logs Messages about backups.
Other logs Other uncategorized messages.

On every event severity, you may choose the frequency of raised alarms/events to be delivered to the recipient:

Action Description
Ignore Ignore if an alarm is raised.
Deliver Send notification immediately via email once an alarm is raised.
Digest Send a summary of alarms raised every day at Digest delivery time.


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