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ClusterControl UI

ClusterControl UI provides a modern web user interface to visualize the cluster and perform tasks like backup scheduling, configuration changes, adding nodes, rolling upgrades, etc. It requires a MySQL database called dcps, to store cluster information, users, roles, and settings. It interacts with CMON controller via remote procedure call (RPC) on port 9500 and 9501 for TLS (default).

ClusterControl UI page can be accessed through the following URL:

https://{ClusterControl IP address or hostname}/clustercontrol

The ClusterControl UI is running on Apache and located under /var/www/html/clustercontrol (RedHat/CentOS/Ubuntu >14.04) or /var/www/clustercontrol (Debian <8/Ubuntu <14.04). The web server must support a rule-based rewrite engine and must be able to follow symlinks.

Please refer to ClusterControl User Guide – GUI for the functionalities available in the ClusterControl UI.

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