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ClusterControl UI


Starting from ClusterControl 1.9.7 (September 2023), ClusterControl GUI v2 is the default frontend graphical user interface (GUI) for ClusterControl. For new installations, the installer script will only install GUI v2, skipping GUI v1. If you would like to run GUI v1, see Installing ClusterControl GUI v1 over GUI v2. If you are upgrading from an older version, the GUI v1 will remain available and usable as usual.

ClusterControl UI provides a modern web user interface to visualize the cluster and perform tasks like backup scheduling, configuration changes, adding nodes, rolling upgrades, etc. It interacts with the ClusterControl Controller (CMON) via remote procedure calls (RPC) on ports 9500 and 9501 for TLS (default). There were 2 versions of ClusterControl GUI – v1 and v2 – where v2 is now the default and v1 is now considered a feature-freeze product with no future development.

The ClusterControl UI page can be accessed through the following URL:

https://{ClusterControl IP address or hostname}/

The ClusterControl UI is running on Apache and is located under /var/www/html/clustercontrol2. The web server must support a rule-based rewrite engine and must be able to follow symlinks. During the installation, ClusterControl UI will be set up with two Apache configuration files, cc-frontend.conf (the GUI frontend) and cc-proxy.conf (the TLS proxy to communicate with the controller’s RPC interface).

Please refer to ClusterControl User Guide – GUI v2 for the functionalities available in the ClusterControl UI.

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