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ClusterControl Notifications

This optional package is introduced in ClusterControl v1.4.2, deprecating the previous version of the ClusterControl NodeJS package (which served the same purpose). Alarms and events can now easily be sent to incident management services like PagerDuty, VictorOps, and OpsGenie. You can also run any command available in the ClusterControl CLI from your CCBot-enabled chat services like Slack and Telegram. Additionally, it provides a generic webhook if you want to integrate with other services to act on status changes in your clusters. The direct connections with these popular incident communication services allow you to customize how you are alerted from ClusterControl when something goes wrong with your database environments.

The package installs a binary called cmon-events located under /usr/sbin directory and by default listens to port 9510 on the ClusterControl node.

Additional resources on setting up integration with third-party tools are listed below:

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