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ClusterControl Cloud File Manager

Table of Contents

This optional package is complimentary of ClusterControl Cloud and is introduced in ClusterControl v1.5. The package name is clustercontrol-clud (an abbreviation of CLoud Upload Download) and is the command-line interface for ClusterControl to interact with the cloud providers when uploading and downloading backups. You can think of it as a cloud file manager. No extra configuration is required.

This package installs the following file:

  • /usr/sbin/clud – The executable binary file.


The general synopsis to execute commands using clud is:

clud {global options} command {command option} {arguments...}


Name, shorthand Description
upload Upload a file to the cloud.
download Download a file from the cloud.
rm Delete a file on the cloud.
clouds List supported cloud providers.
help, h Shows a list of commands or help for one command.

Global Options

Name, shorthand Description
−−cloud Use this cloud for the action.
−−service Use this service within the cloud.
−−credentials Raw credentials JSON.
−−credentials-file Take credentials from this file instead of using STDIN input.
−−auto-create-bucket Use this flag if the bucket should be auto-created if not exists.
−−help, -h Show help.
−−version Print the version.
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