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Changes in v1.2.4

Nov 19th, 2013

  • Online backup storage in AWS S3 and Glacier.
  • Multi-cluster support. Share one Controller Node with multiple clusters.
  • Add existing Galera cluster via ClusterControl to monitor and manage.
  • Galera database configurator facelift.
  • Automatically deploy Galera and MongoDB cluster from ClusterControl.
  • Time shift stats/graphs.
  • MongoDB ReplicaSet AWS Deployment for Dev/Test env.
  • AWS deployments now use our web site to generate a database configuration. Deploy the latest GA version of
  • Galera/MongoDB.
  • InnoDB Status output.
  • Schema Analyzer (redundant indexes, myisam tables, missing primary keys).
  • Mongodb: Stats counters for TokuMX.
  • Mongodb: auth support (mongodb_user and mongodb_password)
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