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Configure Mail Server

Configures how email notifications should be sent out. ClusterControl supports two options for sending email notifications, either using local mail commands via local MTA (Sendmail/Postfix/Exim) or using an external SMTP server. Make sure the local MTA is installed and verified using the Test Email button.

Use SMTP Server (Recommended)

Field Description
  • SMTP mail server address that you are going to use to send the email.
  • SMTP port for the mail server. Usually, this value is 25 or 587, depending on your SMTP mail server configuration.
SMTP Username
  • SMTP user name. Leave empty if no authentication required.
SMTP Password
  • SMTP password. Leave empty if no authentication required.
  • Specify the sender of the email. This will appear in the ‘From’ field of the mail header.
SMTP TLS/SSL required
  • Check this box if you want to use TLS/SSL for extra security. The mail server must support TLS/SSL.
Send Test Email
  • Test the mail settings. If successful, an email will be sent to all users in the Email Notification Settings. Do not forget to add a recipient before pressing this button.

Use Sendmail

Field Description
Use sendmail
  • Use this option to use Sendmail to send notifications. See Installing Sendmail if you haven’t installed Sendmail. If you want to use Postfix, see Using Postfix.
  • Specify the sender of the email. This will appear in the ‘From’ field of the mail header.

Installing Sendmail

On ClusterControl server, install the following packages:

$ apt-get install sendmail mailutils #Debian/Ubuntu
$ yum install sendmail mailx #RHEL/CentOS

Start the Sendmail service:

$ systemctl start sendmail #systemd
$ service sendmail start #sysvinit

Verify if it works:

$ echo "test message" | mail -s "test subject" [email protected]

Replace [email protected] with your email address.

Using Postfix

Many Linux distributions come with Sendmail as default MTA. To replace Sendmail and use other MTA, e.g Postfix, you just need to uninstall Sendmail, install Postfix and start the service. Following example shows commands that need to be executed on the ClusterControl node as the root user for RHEL 6:

$ service sendmail stop
$ yum remove sendmail -y
$ yum install postfix mailx cronie -y
$ chkconfig postfix on
$ service postfix start



Starting from ClusterControl 1.9.7 (September 2023), ClusterControl GUI v2 is the default frontend graphical user interface (GUI) for ClusterControl. Note that the GUI v1 is considered a feature-freeze product with no future development. All new developments will be happening on ClusterControl GUI v2. See User Guide (GUI v2).

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