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Do I need to be a DBA to use ClusterControl?

No. We build ClusterControl to be used by DBAs as well as Sysadmins/DevOps to easily manage their databases.

Does ClusterControl run on Windows?

No. ClusterControl only runs on RHEL-based and Debian-based with x86_64 architecture.

How do I upgrade ClusterControl?

Our official upgrade instruction is available at our documentation page and our support page.

I’m using ClusterControl community version. Which support channel should I use?

You can open a thread in our public forum. In case you have to share files or logs that might contain sensitive information, please submit a support ticket.

Can I install ClusterControl on RHEL based system but my database cluster is running on Debian?

Yes. Starting from 1.2.11, ClusterControl does not depend on the DB nodes’ operating system any longer.

Can I use ClusterControl in an internetless environment?

Yes. However some features might not be working well, as explained in Offline Installation page.

Can I have a mix of different SSH users per cluster?

It’s possible but not recommended since it will make the deployment more complex. If you choose root as the SSH user, you should use root user for other clusters as well.

Can I use non-privileged SSH user for ClusterControl?

Unfortunately, no. ClusterControl requires super-privileged SSH user to perform tasks like deployment, administration and management of the database nodes.

What is difference of MySQL Galera Cluster, Percona XtraDB Cluster and MariaDB Galera Cluster?

The Galera technology is developed by Codership Oy and is available as a patch for standard MySQL and InnoDB. Percona and MariaDB leverage the Galera library in Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) and MariaDB Galera Cluster respectively.

Since they all leverage the same Galera library, replication performance should be fairly similar. The Codership build usually has the latest version of Galera, although that could change in the future.

I found a bug. Where should I report it?

Please report the bug by submitting a support request. For Enterprise customers, bug fixes are provided soonest possible.

My cluster is down. What should I do?

Please submit a ticket at our support site. If you are a paying customer, please do this with your company email address so the ticket can be assigned to the appropriate support SLA. Please also include an Error Report.

How can I submit a feature request?

You can either use our Feature Request page or submit a ticket at our support site https://support.severalnines.com/new.

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