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Changes in v1.2.8

Sep 17th, 2014

  • Create Single DB Node. Launch/provision a single MySQL Galera node or MongoDB ReplicaSet member node to a host.
  • Create MySQL DB Users and Privileges across several DB clusters at once.
  • LDAP improvements. Better support for AD. Added member+dn support. Groups and Users can be on different baseDN.
  • Support for Alerts and Incident tracking with external providers using a new Alarm/Events plugin system. PagerDuty plugin/integration available.
  • Unified Event Viewer. Show merged log entries (entries from multiple log sources) correlated with alarms/events occurrences.
  • New alarms/email notification system. Daily alarm digests (summary). Fine-tune email delivery of different alarms/events.
  • Capacity Planner (ALPHA). Add this constant to the UI’s bootstrap.php file, define(‘RPC_PORT’,‘9500’); to enable access to it.
  • Three new default MySQL dashboards. InnoDB IO, Query Performance and Galera Flow Control graphs.
  • Audit logging. User activity tracking. Username and originating IP is logged in the Job log.
  • Add Node (MySQL/MongoDB) improvements.
  • Yum/apt repo server for ClusterControl!
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