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3) Installation


In this step, you will be provided with a one-liner command to install and configure the agent on the database node. Copy the generated command line and execute it on the target database node:

The following line is an example of an installation command generated for this database:

wget -q -O - https://configs.s9s.io/install/linux.sh | sudo bash -s -- install xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4617-cc4f-1b60bcfb411b mysql://s9s-cm:[email protected]:3306

You may want to further customize the installation command by changing the Port number which the database is listening to, or choose between using MySQL Port or MySQL Socket (UNIX socket file). By default, the installation command should be performed by the root user. Otherwise, pick sudo user to install it as a sudoer. The installation command will reflect your customization accordingly.

Copy the above line and paste it into the target MySQL database server that you want to be registered to the ConfigFiles. Afterward, the ConfigFiles agent (cm-agent) will be installed and started on the host.


Internet connection is required for this installation to succeed.


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