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Decrypt Backup

Decrypt an encrypted backup. This option is only available if encryption is enabled for the backup. Clicking on the Key icon will open a dialog with the decryption command in the following format:

$ bartender decrypt -k {encryption-key} -f {path-to-backup-file} -x -o {output-file}
See also

See Command-Line for details on the subcommand usage, options, and examples.

The following example is taken on one of the mysqldump backup that we would like to decrypt on the database node:

$ set +o history
$ bartender decrypt -k bmin68cbxxxxxxxxxxxx -f /storage/backups/backup-6/mysqldump_all_2019-10-15_051000_.sql.gz -x -o mysqldump_all_2019-10-15_051000_.sql.decrypted_decompressed
$ set -o history

Check the Decompress checkbox to get the command for a compressed backup.

Run the above commands on the backup host which installed with Backup Ninja agent, bartender.

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