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To keep up with the latest changes and bug fixes, user is required to perform agent upgrade regularly. Users will get a notification via email if there is a new agent version released and available for upgrade.

There are two ways to upgrade Backup Ninja agent to the latest version:

  • Upgrade from Backup Ninja dashboard (recommended)
  • Manual upgrade via command line

Upgrading from Backup Ninja dashboard

Go to Servers → More Actions → Upgrade:

Proceed by clicking Upgrade and the upgrade task will be picked up by the agent on the respective server. You can monitor the upgrade process in the agent server log, located at /var/log/bartender.log:

$ tail -10 /var/log/bartender.log
2019-10-11T17:20:49.886Z info Updating the agent
2019-10-11T17:20:58.852Z info Restarting the agent
2019-10-11T17:20:59.144Z error signal: terminated
2019-10-11T17:20:59.184Z info Starting an agent v1.0.0-201...
2019-10-11T17:21:00.565Z info Authenticating agent to agent-auth-api.s9s.io:443
2019-10-11T17:21:01.793Z info Loaded 0 job configurations from /var/lib/backup-agent/jobs/
2019-10-11T17:21:01.795Z info Agent started.
2019-10-11T17:21:01.795Z info Starting scheduler.
2019-10-11T17:21:01.796Z info Starting agent status reporting.
2019-10-11T17:21:03.455Z info Received configuration update (12)

Manual upgrade via command line

Package Upgrade

The installation script would configure the Backup Ninja repository during the first installation. Therefore, you just need to run the upgrade package using the package manager of the operating system:

$ yum update bartender
$ apt-get upgrade bartender 

Service Restart

After upgrading the Backup Ninja package, you need to restart the agent service:

$ systemctl restart bartender
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