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Known Limitations

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This page covers the known limitations that the Backup Ninja has. Backup Ninja is database backup automation service and limits itself up to that realms. Whilst, the following in this section are its limitations.


  • Backup Ninja requires you to install an agent, which we call as the bartender.  The bartender is a daemon service and has a binary file which is also named bartender.
  • The bartender service monitors only one host at a time. By that, it limits the configuration only to that specific host found in the configuration.
  • Backup Ninja is designed to work in a 1:1 relationship model.


On Containers

The bartender service cannot be installed or setup to run inside a containerized environment. If you have a database servers running on containers such as running on Docker or hosted in Kubernetes, you can install or setup the bartender service on the host operating system or in a separate host where it can securely reach or communicate with the database running on a container. This can be done via host:port combination specified in the /etc/bartender.yaml. Checkout or Installation page to know more about how to setup and install the Backup Ninja agent.

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