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This section provides information about Schedules the page, as accessible via Backup Ninja → Schedules. This is the page to guide you create your own backup(s) and then set up and define your desired Backup Policy required by your organization.

Backup Ninja supports database and file backups or just file backups alone. For database backups, Backup Ninja supports partial backup or full backup depending on the type of backup method being selected.

Scheduling your backup is the next step after a database node has been added into Backup Ninja.

Before creating a scheduled backup, ensure the following things are ready:

  • One (or more) database node has been added into Backup Ninja. See Servers.
  • If you would like to store the backup on the cloud, ensure you have configured the credential under Cloud Credentials.

For the list of supported cloud providers, refer to Supported Cloud Platforms.


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