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This section provides information about Servers, as accessible via Backup Ninja → Servers.


Within Backup Ninja context, a server is basically a database endpoint where the agent (bartender) will connect to and take a backup from.

Adding a database node (server) is the first step before you can start doing anything else like scheduling, managing backup, and storing cloud credentials in the Backup Ninja dashboard.


A “server” can literally be a physical host, a virtual machine, or even a container.

The Backup Ninja agent called bartender runs on this server that will be registered or added into the Backup Ninja application. The bartender agent will pull the latest configuration from the API gateway and execute the job on the target server accordingly. This process happens asynchronously thus expect some delay after a job is initiated from the dashboard.

The Backup Ninja files and configuration will be stored in the path /var/lib/backup-pagent/. For the backup agent logs, please go to User Activity Log. See Logs for details.


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