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MySQL Server/Percona Server/MariaDB Server

This section provides guidelines on how to restore MySQL-based backup taken by Backup Ninja. All backups created by Backup Ninja can be restored using two ways:

  • Automatic restoration
  • Manual restoration

Automatic Restoration

The automatic restoration was not supported on the older version of the bartender agent. We highly recommend users to upgrade the agent first by going to Servers → pick a server → More → Upgrade Agent before attempting the automatic restoration.

To start the restore, choose a backup in a “Completed” state and click on Restore. You will be presented with the following dialog:

Select the backup from the “Select file” dropdown and click on the Restore Backup to start the restoration process. If you choose an incremental backup to restore, all the older incremental backups up until the last full backup will be restored accordingly.


Physical backup restoration using xtrabackup and mariabackup will bring slight downtime to your database service.

You can monitor the restoration status under the Backups page, where you will see a new section appear located on top of the backup list:

Clicking on the “see log” link will open a pop-up showing off the restore job log messages:

Similar log messages can be seen in the bartender log located at /var/log/bartender.log on the agent’s server:

$ tail -f /var/log/bartender.log
2021-05-04T12:02:31.511Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": mariabackup based on MariaDB server 10.4.11-MariaDB Linux (x86_64)
2021-05-04T12:02:31.517Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Restoring to mysql (vendor: mariadb, version: 10.4.11) method mariabackup
2021-05-04T12:02:31.525Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Processing file /backups/backupninja/backup-10/mariabackup_all_2021-05-04_111500.xbstream
2021-05-04T12:02:31.531Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Running /usr/bin/mbstream -x -C /tmp/xb-restore-272887538/base
2021-05-04T12:02:52.387Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Processed file /backups/backupninja/backup-10/mariabackup_all_2021-05-04_111500.xbstream
2021-05-04T12:02:52.393Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Restoring to mysql (vendor: mariadb, version: 10.4.11) method mariabackup
2021-05-04T12:02:52.399Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Processing file /backups/backupninja/backup-11/mariabackup_all_2021-05-04_113000.xbstream
2021-05-04T12:02:52.407Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Running /usr/bin/mbstream -x -C /tmp/xb-restore-272887538/inc1
2021-05-04T12:02:53.385Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Processed file /backups/backupninja/backup-11/mariabackup_all_2021-05-04_113000.xbstream
2021-05-04T12:02:53.406Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": mysql service is running
2021-05-04T12:02:53.428Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Will use datadir: /var/lib/mysql/ (owned by mysql:mysql)
2021-05-04T12:02:54.154Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Incremental 15 minutes: Backup restore started.
2021-05-04T12:02:54.160Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Restoring to mysql (vendor: mariadb, version: 10.4.11) method mariabackup
2021-05-04T12:02:54.164Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Processing file /backups/backupninja/backup-12/mariabackup_all_2021-05-04_114500.xbstream
2021-05-04T12:02:54.171Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Running /usr/bin/mbstream -x -C /tmp/xb-restore-272887538/inc2
2021-05-04T12:02:54.351Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Processed file /backups/backupninja/backup-12/mariabackup_all_2021-05-04_114500.xbstream
2021-05-04T12:02:54.356Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg": Running: mariabackup --prepare --target-dir=/tmp/xb-restore-272887538/base
2021-05-04T12:02:56.284Z        info    Job "c28jfli1a1196ltihakg":
mariabackup based on MariaDB server 10.4.11-MariaDB Linux (x86_64)
[00] 2021-05-04 12:02:54 cd to /tmp/xb-restore-272887538/base/
[00] 2021-05-04 12:02:54 This target seems to be not prepared yet.
[00] 2021-05-04 12:02:54 mariabackup: using the following InnoDB configuration for recovery:
[00] 2021-05-04 12:02:54 innodb_data_home_dir = .
[00] 2021-05-04 12:02:54 innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:100M:autoextend
[00] 2021-05-04 12:02:54 innodb_log_group_home_dir = .
[00] 2021-05-04 12:02:54 InnoDB: Using Linux native AIO

Manual Restoration

You can also opt for manual restoration by clicking on the Or use manual instructions link. A pop-up will appear providing all the instruction steps necessary for the restoration, as shown in the following screenshot:

You may copy and paste the commands by clicking on the “copy” icon in the command box (white clipboard icon). Execute every command in your server’s terminal via SSH, one command at a time and you should be good.

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