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clustercontrol_db_cluster_backup_schedule (Resource)



  • db_backup_method (String) mariabackup, xtrabackup, …
  • db_backup_sched_time (String) The time to kick off a backup (e.g. ‘TZ=UTC 0 0 * * *’)
  • db_cluster_id (String) The database cluster ID for which this LB is being deployed to.


  • db_backup_compression (Boolean) Whether to compress backups or not
  • db_backup_compression_level (Number) Compression level
  • db_backup_dir (String) Base direcory where backups is to be stored
  • db_backup_encrypt (Boolean) Whether to encrypt or not
  • db_backup_failover_host (String) If backup failover is enabled, which host to use as backup host in the event of failure of first choice host.
  • db_backup_host (String) Where there are multiple hosts, which host to choose to create backup from.
  • db_backup_retention (Number) Backup retention period in days
  • db_backup_sched_title (String) A title for the backup schedule (e.g., Daily full, Hourly incremental, etc)
  • db_backup_storage_controller (Boolean) Whether to store the backup on CMON controller host or not
  • db_backup_storage_host (String) Which host to store the backup on. Typically, used with mongodump backup method.
  • db_backup_subdir (String) Sub-dir for backups – default: “BACKUP-%I”
  • db_backup_system_db (Boolean) Whether to enable backup failover to another host in case the host crashes
  • db_enable_backup_failover (Boolean) Whether to enable backup failover to another host in case the host crashes


  • db_resource_id (String) TODO
  • id (String) The ID of this resource.
  • last_updated (String) TODO
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