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This is the section where you can add a new credit or debit card and view your account information such as your Subscription Information.

Add New Card

To add a new card, simply just click on your subscription name found at the upper right corner. Then click Account. See screenshot below,

Account PageOn that page, you’ll found the Add New Card button. Simply click that button and a new panel will show up that allows you to add your new debit or credit card. Simply input your card number, date of expiration, CVC, and zip code. See screenshot below:


Adding new card in CCX

Once ready, hit submit and your card will be added to the Account page.

Set Default or Delete A Card

After you have created your card, you can set a default one or delete an existing card. For example,

CCX Set Default or Add New Card

All you have to do is click that grid icon button and you have two items to choose from. Either set a card to its default choice where CCX will charged you, or delete an existing card.

Viewing Your Subscription Information

Your subscription information is just right below the card list. If you have few cards or just a single card listed, you can easily view your subscription information just like the screenshot below:

Credit Card Subscription Information


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