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CCX is backed by Severalnines’ support team to monitor and manage the service and will react to database failures, updates and security patches to meet the Service Commitment.

Technical Support

Aspect Standard Support Plan Premium Support Plan
Monthly price Included 20% of infrastructure spending, with a minimum of $2000/month
Access to the ticketing system Yes Yes
Support access Email Email and phone
Support hours Business hours 24 x 7 x 365
Response time 1 business day 1 hour

To reach out to the technical team for technical support, please create a ticket in our Severalnines Support portal and choose “CCX” under the Infrastructure dropdown, or reach us out via email support [at] severalnines.com. For bug reports, feature requests and other feedbacks, kindly fill up this form.

Please visit the CCX SLA page for further details.

Sales or General Inquiries

For sales and general inquiries, kindly reach us out by filling up the Contact Us form or email at sales [at] severalnines.com

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