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Finalizing the Peering Connection

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Before you can start using the VPC Peering connection you need to add a route on your VPC. The following steps are executed on your AWS account using the AWS Console.

Step 1

First, copy the Peering Connection ID, you can get it from the Peering Information by selecting View Peerings:

Step 2

Navigate to your AWS Console, and select your VPC, and click on Route Table:

Step 3

Select Routes:

and then select Edit Routes, and enter the Destination network range of the VPC used by the CCX Data Store, and paste in or enter the peering connection ID you obtained in step 1 under the Target section dropdown:

And then press Save routes:

You can also double-check that the Route Table is associated with a subnet. In the case below it is not:

So we edit the subnet association and associate the Route Table with the subnet:

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