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In CCX, backup is automatic. CCX supports backup restoration taken within your CCX infrastructure. To restore a backup, just go to Dashboard → pick a Data Store → BackupsYou should be viewing the list of backups and select which backup you want to restore. Roll your mouse to the Actions column, just like the screenshot below:


You may also use the incremental backups to be used as your target for restoration. Incremental backups will be based on the full backup for that particular backup group, as shown in the example below:CCX Restore Prompt Modal Dialogue

Once you have hit OK button, CCX will proceed on backup restoration and will prompt you for the state of the restoration process as shown below:

CCX Backup Restore Prompt


While backup is performed online without blocking, restoring a backup will impact your data store uptime. One of the restoration processes requires a data directory swap which is impossible to be performed without stopping the database service.

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