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ProxySQL Load Balancer

This article applies to:

  • MariaDB Cluster
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster

Accessing the database nodes from the load balancer

To connect to the database nodes via a load balancer, use the ProxySQL host and port 6033. Make sure the database cluster VPC has peered together with the application VPC. See VPC and Peering.

All database users that are created from CCX may also by default authenticate on the ProxySQL Server.

Administration of ProxySQL

ProxySQL’s administration interface listens on port 6032. To connect to the ProxySQL admin interface, use the proxysql-admin user with a mysql command-line client:

$ mysql -u'proxysql-admin' -p'proxysql-admin' -P6032 -h {ProxySQL IP address}

It is not yet possible to change the proxysql-admin password.

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