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Creating Databases and Users

From the CCX dashboard, choose the data store and navigate to the Users and Databases section.

Create a Database

Add New Database

Create a new database, if not exists, in the data store.

Field Description
Database Name
  • Specify the database name and click on the Submit button.

Create a Database User

Add New User

Create a new database user and assign database privileges.

Field Description
  • The name of the database user.
  • The password used to authenticate the database user.
Allowed Host
  • The host allowed to connect to the database deployment. You may enter % for all hosts, or be specific and specify a certain host that is allowed to connect.
  • For MariaDB and Percona, you may use % as the wildcard value, e.g:
    • 192.168.0.% – All hosts that the IP address is started with ‘192.168.0.’
    • app%.mydomain.com = All hosts with the FQDN prefixed with string “app”, followed by any value, and suffixed with “.mydomain.com” value.
  • For PostgreSQL, specify the CIDR, similar to pg_hba.conf definition, e.g:
    • – A single host, with IP address
    • – All hosts under the network range.
    • – All IPv4 hosts.
Database Name
  • Select the database this used is allowed to connect to.
Admin User
  • Toggle if this user is an admin user. The admin user is allowed to create/drop users on the database specified in ‘Database Name’. In MariaDB and Percona data stores, this translates to ALL PRIVILEGES WITH GRANT OPTION on the specific database.
Database Privileges
  • Specify the privileges for the database user. This option is available if Admin User is not toggled.

User Accounts

In the screenshot, the user ‘dbuser’ is allowed to connect to the database from (the applications server). However, another account is implicitly created by CCX to allow access for this particular user from the load balancers.

If you do not wish this user to have access via the load balancers, then you may delete the account by clicking on the bin icon.

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