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Life-cycle management and upgrade

CCX will keep your system updated with the latest security patches for both the operating system and the database software.

You will be informed when there is a pending update and you have two options:

  • Apply the update now – the upgrade will start immediately.
  • Schedule a time for the update – the upgrade will start at a time (in UTC) and on a day that suits the application.

The update will be performed using a roll-forward upgrade algorithm:

  1. The oldest replica (or primary if no replica exists) will be selected first.
  2. A new node will be added with the same specification as the oldest node and join the datastore.
  3. The oldest node will be removed.
  4. 1-3 continues until all replicas (or primaries in case of a multi-primary setup) are updated.
  5. If it is a primary-replica configuration then the primary will be updated last. A new node will be added, the new node will be promoted to become the new primary, and the old primary will be removed.

For primary-replica configurations, the update will cause the current primary to be changed.

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