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Datastore scaling

This section describes how to scale a datastore. There are two ways to do this:

  • Scale nodes
  • Scale storage


Scale nodes

From the CCX dashboard, choose the data store and navigate to the Nodes. Hit the Scale Nodes button:

The dialog allows you to select scale up or down the number of nodes. In the dialog, you are allowed to select the Instance Size, and where applicable the Availability Zone for the new node. The instance size may be larger than the currently used instances. This means it is possible to scale the capacity by adding larger instances. Once new nodes have been added, older nodes with less capacity may be removed and a new node can be promoted as the new primary (in the primary-replica configurations).

Primary-replica configurations

The new node will be added as a replica. A new instance may promoted to the new replica. This is a good way to scale up and to have a primary with e.g. more CPU cores and RAM available:

Multi-primary configurations

In multi-primary configurations, it is only possible to scale up and down to an odd number of nodes to maintain quorums and consensus protocol required by the database. The new nodes are added as primaries:


Scale storage

Go to the Nodes tab, and hit the Scale storage button. It is possible to extend the storage size, but it cannot be shrunk to a smaller size. The storage of all nodes will be scaled to the new size:


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