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Q: Can I scale up or down the number of instances running in my existing deployment?
A: At the moment, no. We have a plan to include this functionality in the future.

Q: Does CCX provide a High-availability feature?
A: Yes

Q: Can I change the database configuration?
A: This is a managed service.

Q: Does CCX support multiple AZs?
A: CCX supports multiple AZs if the Cloud Provider does.

Q: Can write-only instances and read-only replicas be created?
A: Yes, but the write-only instances are read-write. It allows both reads and writes.

Q: Does CCX support the use of a Proxy or Load Balancer (for example, if there are 2 or more Read Replica instances, then Read can be load-balanced across multiple instances)?
A: DNS is used to facilitate this. However, the user can create his load balancer (such as HAProxy or ProxySQL) and connect to the database service. A load balancer should be placed as close as possible to the user’s application. We recommend that the end-user manages the load balancer.

Q: Are backups automatic?
A: Yes, backups are created automatically. The user can set the frequency.

Q: Is there an auto-upgrade SQL version feature, for minor and major updates?
A: Only minor upgrades. Major upgrades are not supported in an online operation. See product documentation about upgrades (Life-cycle management)


Q: Can I use my Backup Ninja account to log in?
A: Yes, all Severalnines’ cloud offerings use the same authentication backend.

Q: Does CCX protect my GDPR rights?
A: Yes.

Billings and Subscriptions

Q: How much usage does it cost if I have a deployment running only for 61 minutes?
A: CCX charges the instance price hourly. Therefore, you will be charged with 2 hours of usage since it has exceeded 60 minutes.

Q: Does CCX offer a trial period?
A: We do not offer any trial period at the moment. However, you can always reach us at sales [at] severalnines.com for any billing or subscription inquiries.

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