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Manage Your Server

Managing your servers added in your ConfigFiles account is where can do the following actions:

  • Restart Agent – Restart the ConfigFiles agent (cm-agent) process on the database node.
  • Remove Agent – This will stop the cm-agent process and uninstalls the binary. The /var/log/cm-agent.log will remain intact and configuration file will be backup as /etc/cm-agent.yaml.rpmsave while the packge will be deleted.
  • Upgrade Agent – Upgrade the ConfigFiles agent (cm-agent) binary that is running on the database node. The agent daemon will be restarted automatically.
  • Edit Server – Edit the server details such as name or add/remove tags.
  • Remove Server – Remove this server from the ConfigFiles system.

These actions can be found in the Servers page section and by clicking the More link found inline with your server list. See the image below:

More Actions buttons inline with your database server added

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